• Deposit & Statement:An initial deposit is required to begin the work. All work is on a "Time & Material" basis. The owner periodically receives an itemized Statement, complete with a detailed labor sheet, and photographs.
  • From the Beginning: It all starts from the moment the owner's car arrives at our shop. The challenge of restoring a fine classic to original condition is met as soon as the car is rolled into its assigned work area. The car is insured and after photographic and written documentation, a skilled technician goes over the car thoroughly. Every restoration is meticulously researched in White Post's comprehensive library of books and sketches. Our expert technicians constantly search for original details, verification and authenticity.
  • Master Restorer: Every restoration project is assigned to a Master Restorer who, working with our trained technicians, supervises the car through each phase of the restoration process. Every car owner has direct access to his Master Restorer
  • Procedure: When the car is disassembled, each part is tagged and sent to the various departments for cleaning, stripping, refurbishing and rebuilding. No detail is overlooked, whether it is the polishing of a screwhead or painting of an individual spring leaf. In the fully-equipped machine shop, master machinists repair or remachine irreplaceable parts with the aid of the usual welding techniques, as well as several specialized spray weld systems. Our craftsmen are capable of fabricating the most intricate replacement panels, from even the most unsalvageable sheet metal.
  • Exterior Color: Once exterior color has been researched by White Post and selected by the owner, the car is restored to it's original, lustrous color. Each piece receives the necessary coats of todays leading acrylic urethane paints then it is polished to a high lustre.
  • Wood: All wood is hand-crafted, selected for authenticity and durability.
  • Upholstery: Upholstery is carefully selected for originality of color, texture and design.

Show car or motorcar, from the awesome Rolls Royce to your pride and joy, whether it be a Chevrolet or a Ford, these magnificently restored antique classics will live on with the attention and admiration they so richly deserve.