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We encourage all potential clients to personally visit our facility to experience the quality of our craftsmanship firsthand. Delight your senses with the lustrous glow of hand-buffed finishes, gleaming chrome detailing, the hum of finely tuned machinery, the rich blend of fragrances…oiled leather and waxed hardwoods; all a symphony of perfection which will inspire a rare exhilaration. Your visit will include a personal consultation with either our President or VP of Operations to discuss the scope of your project and your expectations. At this time, we will also review our restoration process and billing procedures. If not already provided, you will receive our restoration packet which includes our Restoration Agreement.

Admittance & Research

Every project is assigned a Restoration Technician that is responsible for overseeing all mechanical aspects. The VP of Operations also personally manages each stage of restoration. The VP of Operations will meet with the Restoration Technician to discuss project scheduling and objectives. Prior to disassembly, the VP of Operations will utilize WPR’s extensive internal library and worldwide contacts and suppliers to compile necessary literature and information. These valuable resources procured over the years enable the Restoration Technician to ensure authenticity throughout the restoration process.


Upon disassembly, all vehicle hardware and components are carefully examined for functionality and evaluated for authenticity. Components are simultaneously catalogued using our standardized classification system and photographed. All components are serviced, restored, and tested concurrently with other phases of the restoration process until final assembly.

Paint & Body (Phase I)

Once the body panels have been removed and the body lifted from the chassis, the body is mounted to an appropriate jig/rotisserie and the body and panels are moved into the paint and body shop. All paint is removed using the appropriate method (chemical, mechanical, or media blasting) then protected with an application of epoxy primer. Simultaneously, the chassis is disassembled, cleaned, epoxy primed, painted and reassembled with all new bushings, bearings, etc. The engine and transmission are assembled and installed in the completed chassis. All engines and transmissions are built in-house by WPR master mechanics.

Woodworking/Coachbuilding (as necessary)

WPR facilities include a well-equipped woodworking shop capable of masterfully repairing trim or reproducing entire body frames utilizing traditional coachbuilding techniques and authentic hardwoods.

Metal Fabrication

Once the body and panels have been epoxy primed, sheet metal fabrication and repair begins on the body. Our craftsmen utilize traditional metal fabrication techniques to replicate any necessary part or panel. All fabrication work is metal finished to be seamless and minimize the use of plastic fillers during the final stage of paint and body repair.

Paint & Body (Phase II)

Upon completion of the body and panel sheet metal fabrication, the body is set on the rolling chassis to allow for pre-fitment and alignment of all body panels. Trim is also pre-fit as necessary and all bright work is sent to be plated to ensure its return at the completion of the paint and body phase. Once proper gaps and panel alignments are achieved, all panels are removed and the body is re-mounted to its rotisserie. All hardware and shims are labeled and catalogued for use in final assembly. The body is now ready to be blocked, primed, and painted. Once painted, the body undergoes a seven stage wet sanding and buffing process to achieve a lustrous finish.


The body is now reunited with the completed rolling chassis. Restored and new components and body panels are installed using our classification system as a guide. The client makes final upholstery choices as final assembly continues.


WPR utilizes a network of global suppliers to source period-correct materials further enhancing the authenticity of your restoration. All upholstered components are uncovered, patterned, and repaired/restored as required and re-covered using the pre-selected materials. Our trimmers install newly upholstered pieces while the lead restoration technician simultaneously completes installation of remaining interior mechanical components.

Performance & Enhancement

The restoration technician will perform initial start-up and testing in accordance with our standardized break-in procedures. The technician will then complete frequent road tests notating any components which may require additional tuning. The client is invited to participate in this exciting phase to introduce or further experience the intricate operation of their collector car. It is standard practice that every vehicle is thoroughly tested over an excess of 200 miles to ensure exquisite performance. WPR’s highly-skilled detail staff is well versed in the unique requirements of a collector car. Utilizing the finest polishes and techniques, they further enhance the radiance of our superb craftsmanship.

Departure & Concierge Services

WPR is committed to ensuring the proper handling of your collector car at every stage – including delivery. We can arrange secure enclosed transport of your exquisitely restored collector car to the destination of your choice; whether that is a Concours event or home for your driving pleasure. However, our commitment to you does not stop here. Our complimentary client concierge service is available to assist you with technical support; show applications, scheduling, and transport; or any other needs that may arise as you enjoy your collector car.


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