Brake Sleeving & Rebuilding Services Quality

For over thirty years, White Post Restorations has offered industry renowned brake sleeving and rebuilding services. Our thousands of satisfied clients include many of the most prestigious shops and car collectors from around the country and world. We service almost ALL makes and models.

We offer sleeving and/or rebuilding services for the following:

  • Wheel cylinders
  • Clutch & Brake Master cylinders
  • Slave cylinders
  • Calipers
  • Servos
  • Proportioning Valves
  • Boosters (light and heavy duty, Hydrovacs, Treadlevacs, etc.)

We also reline brake shoes, pads, and bands.

Our Services Include (applies to most components):

  • Disassembly, glass-bead cleaning, boring oversize, installation of a brass sleeve and sizing of your brake parts back to original specifications. Many rebuilders do not offer sleeving as part of their service. The longevity is significantly reduced for components that can be sleeved but are not.
  • Replacement of all seals, gaskets, diaphragms, etc.
  • Application of proper exterior finish:
    • Most cylinders, calipers, & valves: Cast iron gray epoxy or satin black (upon request)
    • Booster finish restored to O.E. specifications: Satin black, silver/clear zinc, or yellow cadmium
  • ALL units are hydraulic or vacuum tested for leaks and to insure proper operation and performance
  • Returned complete and ready for installation

To Receive Service

  1. Go to our Brake Service Request form. Using Acrobat Reader DC (free download here), fill it out and print it.
  2. Remove as much brake fluid as possible from your brake components and package them with our form.
  3. Please send your brake parts fully assembled with all internal parts, via one of the methods below.


    One Old Car Drive
    White Post, VA 22663


    P.O. Box D
    White Post, VA 22663

Lifetime Warranty

We fully guarantee all parts that are sleeved and/or rebuilt by us, with the exception of those used in conjunction with silicone fluid (DOT 5).

If you are experiencing issues with brake parts that we have serviced, simply package them with a note of explanation and a copy of your invoice and return to us.

We will diagnose the problem, correct any issues, and return the parts to you.

If a problem is diagnosed, we will service the brake parts at our expense and pay return shipping costs back to you.

Call us any time at (540) 837-1140 for more detailed information about our services and current pricing.


1 Old Car Drive
Post Office Box D
White Post, VA 22663
(540) 837-1140


7AM - 5:30PM